Our supply chain is our strength

Our supply chain is our secret weapon

Our success is founded on discovering, vetting and working with the best tradespeople, subcontractors, suppliers and partners to deliver for our clients.

But we do more than that – we celebrate our supply chain partners. We’re committed to showcasing the best materials and service options so you can deliver your vision to your clients without compromise.

View our latest projects to discover the broad range of supply chain partners we work with.

Our repeated achievement securing ISO:9001 highlights our commitment to best practice in delivery and project management – and we strive to go further.

We prioritise quality and excellence both with regards materials and service delivery, as well as reliability, transparency, trust and a great working relationship. This is supported by our rigorous vetting process to ensure we work with the highest quality suppliers and subcontractors.

Become part of our supply chain

Join our supply chain team

As a trusted contractor to our clients, CopperStone is in a strong position to make recommendations and bring in quality suppliers to produce the best finish for our luxury fit-out construction projects.

To be honest, we love working with heritage businesses with a long history of strong craftsmanship and commitment to quality. Our latest projects feature some of the highest quality materials and workmanship sourced through the partners and specialists in our supply chain.

Our door is always open to working with partners and specialists who align with our focus on quality and service. In line with our commitment to our clients, our in-depth vetting process is the first step in assessing the suitability of subcontractors and specialists. The vetting procedure looks at a range of criteria, including competency, experience and financial stability.

To apply to become part of our supply chain team, click the button below to download our subcontractor vetting form and kick off the process. Once completed, please submit to our team and we will arrange the next step of the process.

Should you wish to discuss the application process before submitting a form, please get in touch with us here.